Kazakhstan Aathlete Fell off The Horse and The Horse was directly killed

On November 23th, in Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, one accident took place in the Modern Pentathlon Equestrian. The Kazakhstan Aathlete Fell off The Horse Galina • Dole and even suffered from shock. Recently, the journalist gets the news that she recovers and has been able to walk. But the Horse was seriously injured and then died naturally after a period of time. Klose • Otto • Irvine • Shi Heman, the President of the International Modern Pentathlon Union, stressed, “The incident was an accident, Modern Pentathlon Equestrian won’t change the related rules for this accident.”

The details of the whole incident

 The Kazakhstan players Galina • Dole as the third appearance player, rode the house and try to pass across the last obstacle. But the horse did not fully jumped and hit the obstacle Galina • Dole leap the body over from the head of horse, then fell heavily head first to the ground. She was Unconscious on the spot, and was stretcher off court, and subsequently taken to hospital for treatment.

It becomes it’s difficult for Galina • Dole to control horses in the previous equestrian competitions. She has once fallen off the house, touched the obstacles many times. In the Modern Pentathlon competition, players are not familiar with horses, the house it is determined by lot. There is just only 20 minutes for players to familiarize with horses, and then they would begin the game and challeng obstacles.

It is learned that the house ridden by Galina • Dole in the horse race is now 9 years old, has participated in training for one and a half years. The horses prepared for the Asian Games modern pentathlon is presented by Hong Kong Jockey Club to the Association of Guangdong Equestrian. They are trained by a training club.

There is no problem about the horses and ground

 Renan Yong the Deputy Director of Media of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Game stated, “At present, the athlete is stable with vital signs, she is are dedicated the observation and treatment in the Asian Games special ward of hospital. The related staffs have confirmed her family” He stressed: “before the game, the horses for the Modern Pentathlon in this Asian Games were tested for four times. They are affirmed to meet the requirements of the competition. Actually, these kinds of situations have ever taken place in previous Modern Pentathlon competitions. “

Li Chungang the principle of Guangzhou 2010 Modern Pentathlon competitions pointed out “Normally, The sports are full of accidents, especially in modern pentathlon competition. In order to ensure the safety of the competition, we arranged the tests before the game for 4 times in Guangzhou to select the horses with the most stringent equipments. We selected 29 among 40 horses. Yesterday, we selected 16 in out of 29 horses as supply of the game today.

The ways to protect the athletes in sports meeting.

Although it is inevitable to avoid all the accident in sports meeting, we can try our best to reduce the possibility, many incidents can be avoided. In the accident, the athlete Galina • Dole made the best protective measures. She wore the knee pads, wrist protector

Head gear

Even though she fell off the house and get seriously hurt The Head gear reduce the damage of her head and protect her. To some extent, it is the Head gear to save her life. Therefore, she can recover and get better quickly. The principle of the Asian Games also warned, “All the athletes should get prepared with the protective measures”

In our common lifeFeature Articles, the sports buffs also should buy those protective things to protect themselves from the inevitable incident. knee pads

Wrist protector  hear gear

Are the Standing items for sports buffs.

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